Tynan Mackay
Paradigm Pattern

Tynan Mackay

Web Design, Information Systems, Software Design

My name is Tynan Mackay, I'm graduating with a degree in Computer-Based Design. My major is in Web Design and my two minors are Information Systems and Software Development. I've always had an interest in graphic art and design, along with creative typograhy, calligraphy and lettering.




Personal portfolio website. Created as part of final assignment for eMedia major. If you only see one, see this one.



Employment gained from an unpaid internship. I am the sole full-stack developer creating a web-app utlizing nodeJS technologies hosted on an AWS EC2 instance making frequent API calls across multiple services - still in development

Cagepage Deluxe

Final project from my penultimate semester - to create a website on a hobby or interest of our choice. The site had to utilize AJAX queries made to a server and parse the response as page content. I figured since the response contained Nic Cage quotes and images, it made sense building the entire website around this.
Please don't take this one too seriously, I certainly didn't.



An assignment from earlier in the year to create a site for a fashion label, my first time using the Materialize.css framework.



From 2016, an assignment to create a functioning Wordpress eCommerce store with blog and contact page.



As part of a final project, myself and another student were tasked with converting a site made using BootstrapJS into a fully-functioning Wordpress version. Still in development

Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society

One of the first assignments for my degree was to create a website for a charity or organization of our choice.