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Sometimes all we might need is a little nudge in the right direction, or don’t have the budget for a full interior design service. We highly recommend the Design On The Go service!

Design on the go is specifically designed to help you make general decisions on style, furniture layout and selection by spending time with one of our skilled designers to help you navigate your project. We will bespoke for you a one of a kind lux design board that not only fits the desired style but also works with your budget. This service is tailored to do the DYI client who needs a bit of guidance.

So How does this service work?

  • We first setup an induction 30-minute phone call or zoom meeting with your designer where we chat about the scope of your project, style and budget.
  • Your Designer then does a little bit of homework and research then sets up a deign meeting with you at your convenience,
  • A design workshop with you and your designer to up to 3 hours to discuss your layout and furniture selection options. Your designer will also have created some mood boards if items to reflect the style you have mentioned in your onboarding phone call. We will discuss, sketch and work out the details of your project then set out a general plan for you to execute it.
  • The images used in the mood board could be from local or international suppliers they are meant to be a guideline and it’s up to you to source the furniture, however if you wish you could let your designer know you would only like local supplier and we could tailor the design boards to suit that and we could also order the furniture for you.
  • If you wish us to order the furniture for you there will be an additional charge. 

To engage this service a fee of $1,499 AUD is required and paid upfront before organising the onboarding phone call, we could organise an inspection visit which will entail a travel coast. All fees involved are not refundable.

Let’s talk and see if this service is what you need for your project!

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